# Logging

Utility functions for interacting with and configuring logging. The main entrypoint for retrieving loggers for customization is the get_logger utility.

Note that Prefect Tasks come equipped with their own loggers. These can be accessed via: - self.logger if implementing a Task class - prefect.context.get("logger") if using the task decorator

When running locally, log levels and message formatting are set via your Prefect configuration file.

# Functions

top-level functions:                                                                                                                                                       



Creates a "prefect" root logger with a StreamHandler that has level and formatting set from prefect.config.


  • testing (bool, optional): a boolean specifying whether this configuration is for testing purposes only; this helps us isolate any global state during testing by configuring a "prefect-test-logger" instead of the standard "prefect" logger
  • logging.Logger: a configured logging object



Returns a "prefect" logger.


  • name (str): if None, the root Prefect logger is returned. If provided, a child logger of the name "prefect.{name}" is returned. The child logger inherits the root logger's settings.
  • logging.Logger: a configured logging object with the appropriate name

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