# Fivetran Tasks

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This module contains a task for starting and monitoring Fivetran connector sync jobs

# FivetranSyncTask



(connector_id=None, **kwargs)[source]

Task for running Fivetran connector sync jobs.

This task assumes the user is a Fivetran user (https://fivetran.com) who has successfully setup a connector and has access to the API credentials for that user (https://fivetran.com/account/settings, "API Config").


  • connector_id (str, optional): Default connector id to use for sync jobs, if none is specified to run.
  • **kwargs (Any, optional): additional kwargs to pass to the base Task constructor



(api_key, api_secret, connector_id=None, poll_status_every_n_seconds=15, manual=True)[source]

Task run method for Fivetran connector syncs.

An invocation of run will attempt to start a sync job for the specified connector_id. run will poll Fivetran for connector status, and will only complete when the sync has completed or when it receives an error status code from an API call.


  • api_key (str): API key per https://fivetran.com/account/settings; should be secret!
  • api_secret (str): API secret per https://fivetran.com/account/settings; should be secret!
  • connector_id (str, optional): if provided, will overwrite value provided at init.
  • poll_status_every_n_seconds (int, optional): this task polls the Fivetran API for status, if provided this value will override the default polling time of 15 seconds.
  • manual (bool, optional): if provided, will overwrite Prefect's changes to the Fivetran connector's schedule, keeping it on Fivetran auto scheduling
  • dict: connector_id (str) and succeeded_at (timestamp str)

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