# Contents

Looking for the latest Prefect 2 release? Prefect 2 and Prefect Cloud 2 have been released for General Availability. See https://docs.prefect.io/ for details.

These tutorials are intended to help the reader get acquainted with the many features of Prefect and its vocabulary. All code examples are locally executable in any Python version supported by Prefect (3.7+). Note that all features presented here are run without the Prefect server.


The "hello, world!" of data engineering

# Using Prefect as a Calculator

Can your data engineering framework do this?

# Flow Visualization

Visualize your Prefect flows with flow.visualize()

# Local Debugging

Learn some useful tips and tricks for how to debug common situations!

# Advanced Featuresadvanced

Dynamically create large numbers of tasks using task.map()! Using a real-world web-scraping project as an example, walks through the more advanced features of Prefect including advanced parameter usage, task mapping, and parallelism.

# Prefect Slack Integration

Install the Prefect Slack integration and get real time notifications on the state of your tasks and flows -- all within the convenience of Slack!

# Prefect Deployment: Dask

Learn how to deploy your Prefect flow to a Dask cluster.

# Prefect Deployment: Logging

Learn how to customize and enhance your Prefect logs.