# Setting flow run states

Looking for the latest Prefect 2 release? Prefect 2 and Prefect Cloud 2 have been released for General Availability. See https://docs.prefect.io/ for details.

Sometimes, it's useful to update a flow run state manually.

# UI

To manually set a flow run state from the UI, visit the flow run page.

# GraphQL GQL

If you need to manually update the state of a flow run, you can do so by providing a new state at any time. You must also provide a "version" number. If the version number doesn't match the database, the update will fail.

State versions

Prefect implements a form of optimistic locking for state updates. In order to update a state, you must provide a version number that matches the current version. This proves to the system that you're working with the most up-to-date knowledge. If your version doesn't match, it means that someone or some process updated the state since the last time you checked it, and the update will fail.

First, query for the current state version:

query {
  flow_run_by_pk(id: "<flow run id>") {

Next, update the state:

mutation($state: JSON!) {
  set_flow_run_state(input: {flow_run_id: "<flow run id>", version: <version>, state: $state}) {

with variables:

// GraphQL variables
    state: {
        type: "Success"
        message: "It worked!"